The Importance Of Mental Health Education

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Mental health issues have been taken a lot less seriously over many years. Black adults throughout history have been known for the following phrase, “You’re crazy.” That two words, three syllable sentence has carved the black community into a society of ani-psychiatrist and psychologist. If the black community were to continue acting out their misguided beliefs then it will only put more strain on the growth and development. In order to redirect their impressions, we need to educate the masses. The education system is a key component in the growth of every individual. One class, in particular, is health class, which is continually taken advantage of. Without this class, many students wouldn 't get the proper understanding of mental health. …show more content…
“Schools and teachers have consistently reported the scale of the problem in recent years. They also state how ill-equipped they felt to deal with the increasingly complex mental health issues.” (Shah, Why Mental Health First Aid Should Be taught in Every School -To the Pupils And The Teachers) Without the proper information, teachers will be unable to help students when a child is in need. “Yet 3 children in every classroom have diagnosable mental health conditions. But only 64% of schools do not have a counselor at the school and 75% of schools have a financial border stopping them from making getting one.” (Insel, Thomas. "Post by Former NIMH Director Thomas Insel: Mental Health Awareness Month: By the Numbers.") Since mental health can be branched from environmental factors, places like Baltimore, Detroit and other impoverish communities are more likely to experience frequent episodes of mental issues. Yet these are the communities with schools unable to get the proper help for these students. …show more content…
We need to educate them on how to deal with the trouble they are going through so they can go out and educate and vanquish over mental illness.
Common mental health disorders among African Americans include:
Major Depression
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Suicide (among young African American men)
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)
(African American Mental Health,2016)
Without these illnesses properly diagnosed and the treatment correctly executed then teachers will always assume the child is just “another bad kid”. And he’ll traumatically be another kid in the system.
Even with the education system trying to play a role in the aid of these communities, many victims are still beyond approach. Many parents will not talk about mental health or even assist with the treatment of their own children. Kids can grow up believing the reason they feel sad, the reason they can 't focus or the reason they hear voices is because they 're just “crazy”. Not only do kids feel inferior and shame, they start to have doubt in their capabilities to do basic things. They could prospectively start to accumulate a sense of

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