The Importance Of Medical Leaders

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“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” As aspiring young medical leaders we will be faced with many challenges and stumbling blocks through the process of becoming medical leaders. We as leaders need to strive for our dreams. I can definitely say I’ve been greatly motivated by the inspirational three day experience at the Congress. Beginning with my first day of the Congress, there were exceptionally great leaders speaking to us future medical leaders and scientist, about their new discoveries as they are being faced with in their field of expertise. On the second day, we had the chance to observe a live surgical procedure. We also had the chance to directly ask the surgeon informative questions. Now concluding …show more content…
There will be numerous amount of challenges that medical doctors will encounter in the medical field. One major problem in the medical industry is Health Care. Harvard Medical School; Plastic Surgeon Professor Bohdan Pomahac, stated in his speech, “By the time you become Medical Physicians, Health Care will get out of control and you will need to solve this issue when you become future Physicians”. Health Care has been a problem for over the course of a few years now.”The fundamental problem with the Health Care system in this country is its ever-rising cost”. The solution to our Health Care crisis would be to develop a new system of health insurance. This new system should include a fixed yearly amount of money offered to people who need medical insurance. Rather than the generous amount of money being supplied to these patients. We need to cut the budget of Health Care before it becomes a serious financial issue for our economy. Another challenge the medical field encounters is, finding a cure for specific diagnoses. Dr. Damiano, who is a Professor in Biomedical Engineering has a daughter who was born with Type 1 Diabetes. Ever since she was little, he has been trying to find a solution for Type 1 Diabetes. Having to see his daughter take insulin every day has influenced himself to find a cure! He is currently working on creating an artificial bionic pancreas that automatically …show more content…
It is incredible to know that a professor can partially transform someone 's face after they have had a major deformation. I was astounded by the miraculous story of Carmen Blandin. The husband of Carmen broke into her house and beat her mercilessly. She was in a coma for 3 ½ months and when she woke up, she was blind and permanently disfigured with burns all over her body. After the surgery, it wasn’t easy for her to remain strong with the intense pain she had to go through but she was brave. With the help of Dr.Pomahac he was able to recover about 70% of her face back to normal. This surgical procedure has immensely saved Carmen’s life and has encouraged her to believe that there is a reason to live. She has inspired me in an applicable way in which I can now say, I should be thankful for this life God has given me! Another one of my favorite speakers’ was Carson Barry. Carson is only 12 years old and has been researching concussions for 2 years now. He has ascertained that the majority of student athletes have at least once experienced a concussion throughout their seasonal sport. He plans to continue his research on investigating how the force of impact on a helmet is likely to cause an athlete to experience a concussion. It is unbelievable to believe that a 12 year old child will be interested in researching concussions. At that age, I was still a child

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