The Importance Of Medical Laboratory Science

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Medical Laboratory science is a bachelor degree program offered here at South Dakota State University. Obtaining this degree and passing the board certificate process would allow a person to become a Medical Lab Technician. A Medical Lab Tech, can be found in hospitals, doctor’s offices and research facilities. A medical lab technician has special training in diagnosis procedures and work with highly with laboratory equipment to assist doctor in the diagnosis process. The job outlook for board certificated is in extreme high demand, and resulting in almost 100% job placement out of college. The average starting salary for a Med Lab Tech, is about 65,000 dollars. Medical Laboratory has four different specialties which include clinical chemistry, hematology, blood banking and microbiology. Some of the specialties require extra training and schooling. Being a medical laboratory technician allows a person to help patients without having much patient …show more content…
I also still believe this after reviewing my classmate’s results, which were very similar to my own, some differ because we are all different people. For example, I differ from some of my classmates because one day I would enjoy running a lab, and becoming a lab supervisor and some of my classmate’s choice not to go down that career path. Just like almost all my classmates we agreed spending a time in a laboratory is what we would like to do. Which is a good thing because we will spend most of our time in the lab. After looking at my results, and determining what my five most important factors are I think I will be very pleased with career choice. Becoming a medical laboratory technician gives room for improvement and job security which are two major factors for me. One of the things I do disagree with my classmates is the wanting to have a highly repetitive day, I would rather have diversity throughout my

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