The Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

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Marketing is word of mouth (wom), it is nothing but production of goods and services as per customer needs and wants. Marketing is very important in business to success. As the world is growing with high intensive technology and mainly organisation are inventing new technical products. However all these products are not reaching to right market to right consumers? Technology focus on communicating the value of product in different market segments to deal with these problems. Government restriction on some products to sell, which bring impact of customers satisfaction. As a matter of fact improper use of exclusive distribution in different locations, then the pattern of connections becomes more complicated. This essay will examine the evaluation of the major components which are vital for future customer satisfaction. Then, it will focus on dealing the problems of customers in different markets.

To begin with, the first and foremost problem is technology is making daily changes in markets in different seasons and
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Because competitors are likely to use or benefit from our products. If we want to sell product through online , first the business has to extract information of product on how to sell at eBay, define who would be our potential customers we think they will be interested in our product. Many small and home business entrepreneurs view market research as an unusual and expensive cost, but understanding who and how big our market can pay off in the long run. But, due to non-transportation the good and services are not reaching to customer in other words improper use of exclusive distribution channels. So, the business have search to different modes of transport to sell the products to needy customer. As well as try to set up new industries, because transportation burden should not face by

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