The Importance Of Marital Education And Divorce Prevention Essay

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Through his research with the U.S. Census Bureau, “Relationship satisfaction typically declines after entering into marriage, and around forty three percent of first marriages end in separation or divorce within fifteen years.” In most cases between eighty and ninety percent of divorcing couples never consult with any type professional before seeking divorce, and I can see why at times it is hard for people to want to seek out that help. Hook states reasons people do not believe therapy would work to be, high cost, a lot of time and even the social stigma that is associated with therapy. Hook notes a very interesting concept of religious organizations being targeted as an avenue to promote marital education. His reasoning’s seem to have a solid foundation as to why. He states four reasons, “first most couples get married with the backing of religious institutions, religious organizations often do not need to be persuaded that the goals of marital education and divorce prevention are important. Third, religious organizations usually have a culture that supports educational opportunities that are consistent with their values and, religious organizations are deeply embedded in culture, and thus leaders of religious organizations have a natural avenue to provide marital education to ethnic minorities.” These four concepts make sense for the church to spear head the attempt to provide marital education for the local community. It goes hand in hand with the mentorship…

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