The Importance Of Logistics During The World War II Essay examples

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During the Second World War the importance of logistics was of key importance for the eventual Allied victory over the Axis Powers. The Allies from the very beginning understood the importance of logistics and while the U.S. was incapable of diving into and intentional war poured an abundance of support towards other countries in the fight against Hitler’s Nazi war machine. Once the U.S. was able formally join the Grand Alliance, the development of a highly sophisticated logistical system allowed for support with equipment, such as tanks, small vehicles, air craft, weaponry and, munitions, not to mention men. The critical importance of air power is also dually noted and described in two separate phases, the initial and the evolution of air support throughout the war. The importance of both led to an inevitable Allied victory, that at one point at the height of the Nazi war machine and the success of the German Luftwaffe didn’t seem so inevitable.

1. Elaborate on the role logistics played in the war in Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific/Asia. Be sure to incorporate very specific examples to show the role of air power in the war on both sides throughout the war, and how that changed as well during the course of the war.
When analyzing the role logistics played in the Second World War it is essential to consider how logistics affected each specific theater of war, that being North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific and Asia. Additionally, are the effects air power…

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