The Importance Of Life And Death

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Most individuals do not know the true meaning of life and death and the values set behind it. What is life and what is death. When people are asked these questions we are often left blank minded, is it just a simple definition from the dictionary or is there more to it? We view life as a particular type or aspect of people’s existence and death as the complete end to all of it. In reality it incorporates many more significant factors. Some of the biggest aspects that affect the way our society values life and death is through their cultural and religious views and curiosity.
Cultural views in general are having different values and beliefs, as an individual it makes you unique because it gives
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One that makes their own mistakes and blames it on life and another that knows the right way to live their life. At the age of two, my grandfather passed away due to lung cancer. He was addicted to smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. When people like my grandpa are addicted to some kind of drug, life does not appear to catch their attention. But as soon as extreme life risking issues are faced such as cancer, they will blame life. “I hate my life!” Have you ever said that after failing a test? As an individual it’s important to understand that you make the choices for yourself in life, life does not make them for you. No one stopped you from studying for that test; I mean you could have put more effort if you really did care.
Though there are people who hate on life, there are people who know how to live their life to satisfy themselves. By living your life I don’t mean being famous or rich. Doing things that are efficient such as maybe getting a degree, being healthy and fit, helping others around you and spending time with family and friends. This would not only allow you to feel good about yourself but your life as a whole. Everyone makes mistakes and there are obstacles in life but you have to step up and make changes to improve yourself and by doing so trust me, life will be

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