Max Bozeman Leadership Themes

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Leadership Themes

Throughout the interview, Bozeman shared her feelings about the importance of both self-awareness and of reflection as a leader. As a leader, she values relationships. She shows this value by striving to be a team player and maximizing the individuals on her team. As an authentic leader, Bozeman is open to adapting her leadership depending on the context she is working in. She describes herself as a team player who sees her role as “a position of great responsibility and accountability.” Bozeman enjoys the process of negotiating. She would describe herself as “a good observer of life” who understands trends within organizations.
Common themes that Bozeman expressed throughout the interview include humility, forgiveness, self-awareness, and the value of relationships. Both gender and race shaped her leadership and she learned along the way from strong women in her life. Her core values in all spheres of her life revolve around equity and fairness. As a
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I intentionally chose a female leader from a different cultural background, a different race, and a different generation. I was hoping to gain advice and wisdom from a more seasoned and experienced leader. Throughout the interview, Bozeman shared how she had learned to “mimic the behavior of men in order to gain their respect rather than feeling comfortable forging a new type of leadership.” This statement stood out to me as I reflected on how often I feel pressure to conduct myself in a particular manner, as I lead in a male dominated and male-normed world. When I asked what advice, she would give to emerging leaders, she encouraged me to live into my femininity and to not be afraid to be fully myself in the workplace. She is convinced that the workplace would be more balanced if both genders can be authentic to

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