The Importance Of Knowing The Uncontrollable And The Outcome Ahead

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“The Knowledge of knowing the Uncontrollable and the Outcome Ahead”
In life we all come to situations which we cannot control. These situations can either be easy to fix or hard to overcome but, sometimes the best way to deal with something is to understand what’s going on. The character Denny shows progression throughout the book on how he deals with situations. The situations Denny meets in the book are almost always uncontrollable. Since the situations are uncontrollable Denny tries to control the situation which result in the failure of him effectively dealing with the outcome. The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth stein, exposes one should knowledge the uncontrollable in order to affectively deal with the out come ahead.
Denny is unable to knowledge the uncontrollable, which results in unneeded tension between the family. When Denny leaves to go racing, Eve is left to take care of Zoë, Enzo, and the house. During this time, Eve starts developing a pain in her head and eventually leaves the house; leaving Enzo inside. When Denny arrives home he finds Enzo alone, and soon learns that Eve had left him here for more than one day, “This is insane. How could you not remember that your dog is in the house.” (54) Denny’s first instinct is to automatically come to the conclusion, when Denny says “how could you not remember your dog” he automatically thinks eve left for non-purposeful reasons. What Denny does not reliez that is Eve had to leave to better herself. Eve was unable…

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