The Importance Of Justice In Criminal Justice

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When thinking about how equality is represented in society, we think of every possible situation whereas society should represent equality for all. The only equality alive in this society, is only presented to caucasians. You can ask an African American person if they feel like they’re treated the same as caucasians, and they will disagree. Society is blindly unaware of the issues happening in this country, especially in courtrooms when African Americans are assigned a harsh punishment for a crime committed. In this world, caucasians have an advantage in this society and everybody seems to acknowledge it. What a large majority of society doesn 't seem to realize with caucasians having the advantage is that African Americans don 't have the …show more content…
If you are an African American present in a courtroom, you don’t necessarily know what to expect because discrimination is still happening, even in a courtroom. According to the article Race, Punishment, and the Michael Vick Experience, the author Wiley-Blackwell writes: “In general, minorities (especially African Americans) are more likely than whites to perceive injustice in the criminal justice system. These “injustice” perceptions are strongest when questions are framed more generally about the system as a whole and with respect to police decision making--- most recently evinced within the context of racial profiling”(pg. 536). This article is in discussion of the truth behind the criminal justice system. The author first introduces how the minorities are in fact not receiving the full fairness they should be receiving. The author then reveals that the unfairness and discrimination towards African Americans can cause the police and criminal justice system problems. “To the extent that police are negatively affecting blacks’ perception of the criminal justice system, not only may they be less likely to comply with authorities, but they are also more likely to deem criminal justice outcomes as less just. This may influence the perception of blacks such that punishments are seen as biased or too harsh”( Blackwell, 538). The author demonstrates that the unfair criminal justice system does in fact give unfair punishments to African Americans and because of that, they do expect African Americans to view their punishment as biased or harsh. What do authorities expect from African Americans? If they are given unfair harsh punishments and treated with no respect daily, then they do have the right to assume that the cause of it all is because the system and police are discriminating blacks and being racial

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