The Importance Of Ironic Inquiry ! By Voltaire Essay

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The Importance Of Ironic Inquiry!
Written to tell the satirical tale of the maturation and growth of a young boy, Voltaire pours his thoughts onto paper with class and snide humor against the nobility, church, and occasional individual ignorance within his novel, Candide. Born to a middle-class family in Paris, Voltaire was found to have a witty sense of humor from a very young age. Published in 1759, his novel satires a number of Enlightenment thinkers and ideas. As a result of his attacks towards the churches and state, Voltaire spent a great deal of time moving around and exploring the world. After returning to Paris at the age of eighty-three, Voltaire was able to look back at his life and at his successful culmination of plays, novels, and various other works. Although he passed away in 1778, Voltaire’s satirical perceptions will forever be noted and studied.
Through the use of a lighthearted story, Voltaire is able to convey his ultimate message that individuals must learn to think for themselves. A great deal of the humor within this novel lies in its use of irony; employed to point out many flaws found within some philosophical thinking, as well as the dangers of being an optimist. Such irony contained in this novel is not included for the sake of humor alone, but it serves to demonstrate some of the themes about the problems in optimist philosophy, among various other aspects of an individual’s life. The irony within Voltaire’s Candide serves to highlight…

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