Essay The Importance Of Interviewing Skills For A Social Worker

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Interviewing is a highly important skill for a social worker to achieve. Whether the social worker is working with families, hospice, children, crises, in prisons, or various other positions, one will need to be able to conduct an interview in order to successfully communicate with one’s clients. Throughout this course, we have learned various skills to improve our interviewing capabilities and have conducted a final interview to show these skills and witness our abilities as well as some challenges we may have had. For this essay, I will discuss the learning goals I aimed to achieve through my interview. I will then discuss different skills I used throughout the interview, reactions the client had to me, as well as reactions that I had to the client. Finally, I will discuss the critiques of the interview that both I had given myself and was given by classmates.
Learning Goals Throughout this class I have learned an abundance of different skills. For this final interview, there were a few skills specifically that I wanted to focus on more intently; my learning goals. My learning goals were to establish a good rapport with the client, as well as discover what the client has come in for by asking valuable questions. These were my goals because I felt that throughout my practice interviews I had not used them as much, especially building good rapport. Instead of building rapport I would jump into the issue and at times trying to solve it before truly understanding what was…

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