The Importance Of International Cooking Shows

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The way people eat and how they prepare their food, is becoming a more and more global and social aspect of people’s lives (Phillips, 2006). With this research we want to examine the influences of international cooking shows such as 24kitchen and Top Chef, on the way people eat and how they prepare their food. The qualitative method was used to find out why cooking shows have more influence on some people than they do on other. Because the media have a lot of influence on the way we live, we hypothesized that watching more cooking shows, increases the change the eating habits of people, in terms of which food products they use and how they serve their food.

Cooking show
A cooking show is a show people can watch on the internet,
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4. Could you tell us about your weekly eating pattern? (Eating patterns, kind of meals, takeaways, snacks etc.) How did your eating pattern change after you started watching cooking shows?
Explanation: this question is used to see how the eating patterns changed and what the participants’ weekly eating pattern is.
5. Would you describe yourself who lives healthy? Could you explain why?
Explanation: this question is used to see if people consider themselves as healthy. So we can measure which people (in terms of personal health) are effected most by watching the cooking shows. This a clarification on question 3.

As proven out of different studies, people’s eating habits have been changing. Therefore, it is necessary that more research has to be done in this field. International cooking shows are more and more growing popular. It makes sense that it is worth the research to examine whether or not, these international cooking show effect Dutch people’s eating habits and growing overweight and obesity (CBS, 2015). With the findings of our research is it possible to predict, prevent and to inform people about changing their eating habits and the consequences of doing that. This, for instance could be used as valuable information for dietitians or health care

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