The Importance Of Information For An Examination Essays

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There are many ways to study for an exam, but there is one thing for certain, you can’t expect a good mark if you only study once the night before the exam or test. There is a process in which you perform your memory. First being encoding, secondly is storage and lastly is retrieval.

Encoding is the first step and the most important. Encoding is the process of getting your information. We have to make sure that the information we use is in the easiest format for our memories to file away.A part of this is how important the role of attention is. Before we can start encoding things we have to attend to the proper information needed to do the task or action.As interesting enough our brains contain every single event that has ever happened to us.Including the embarrassing ones. Encoding actually explains a lot of different phenomena including what is called the next in line effect. Which is where someone would ask a group of people a question for example what’s your favorite color? Then when it come to you the person asks what’s bobby and Phil 's favorite color. While you were paying attention to the row of people and anticipating your response you forgot what was said before by someone earlier in the row. Another part of encoding is the use of different visual memory aids, which we call Mnemonic Valuable memory aids. This external technique actually enhances the process of recalling.These devices have two major features:first off we can apply this technique to a wide…

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