My Ultimate Goal: Improving Student Learning

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As the new principal of an academically, struggling elementary school, my ultimate goal is to improve student learning. In order to change the academic progress of the school, certain processes must occur, and a collaborative effort with the teachers, students, and parents will be needed. To prepare for the change, all student data and information relevant to the school’s current curriculum need to be gathered and analyzed. Building and developing relationships of trust and respect with the new faculty and all stakeholders in the school is a must for an instructional leader. Having those supportive and respectful relationships are the foundation for bringing about change. “Building relational trust with the staff is a precursor to sustainable …show more content…
In Modules 3 and 5, Principal William C. Bassill of the Academy of American Studies stated the importance of a school’s vision was to maximize student achievement, and that everyone should support the vision. As a new principal, creating the school’s vision, establishing our beliefs, and setting measurable and attainable goals based on data would be my next actions. All teachers, parents, and students would be invited to attend several meetings to review school data, discuss the focus of our school, and identify what must be accomplished and how. Having all members of the school community involved in creating the vision, beliefs, and goals will not only build a stronger more cohesive community with a shared understanding, but it will also increase buy-in and commitment. Effectively and clearly communicating our new vision will be very important as we push forward to improving student achievement. Each year at the Annual Stakeholders’ Meeting for Mandarin Oaks Elementary, the various members of our school community review the yearly data, vision, and goals. If any questions or suggestions are brought up, they are referred to the Shared Decision Making Committee for further review, which demonstrates collaborative effort and constant review of the vision and goals. A vision is a continuous, living document that should be revisited and …show more content…
Teachers must receive initial and ongoing professional development on the new curriculum and instructional strategies for effective teaching, so they are comfortable and confident with the delivery and implementation. Another technique to support change and implementation is to have model classrooms, or a “go to list of teachers based on strengths” as Principal Deirdre Keyes from Joseph F. Lamb stated in the module 6 video “Improving Instruction.” This type of instructional support not only improves teacher instruction but also builds teacher leaders. Like Ornstein and Hunkins stated, “The key to getting teachers committed to an innovation is involvement” (2015, pg. 233). By allowing teachers to visit other classrooms and see various aspects of a lesson being delivered, we are encouraging growth and creating a productive culture of learning for everyone, teachers and students. To assist with teacher growth and collaboration at my school, the teachers on each grade level have one period a week of common planning. During this time teachers plan collaboratively, discuss instructional strategies, create assessments, and analyze data for differentiated small group instruction. Providing this support for teachers will in turn impact student

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