The Importance Of Human Rights In Burma

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The citizens of Burma are hurting and should have a chance to be heard. The Burmese people will continue to suffer if they are not heard for what they live with every day. In Burma, the military government violates human rights by compromising Burmese citizen’s health, aiding the drug addicts, and sexually abusing women. Most of the population is malnourished and dying of diseases that may not be deadly to Americans, but are to Burmese due to the lack of health care. No human should be denied the right to be healthy or have protection from the diseases in their country. There is an extreme amount of drug addicts with the government standing behind them making profits off of the drugs that are killing their citizens. This violates human rights …show more content…
Now for the women, imagine being a mother of a family, and the only way to support them is to allow the men of Burma to sexually assault you for very minimal if any pay. These people are treated like this because “The government does not recognize citizens” (Burma ‘one 2010). The Burmese government does not see its citizens as actual people, only a means to make money. It is ridiculous to have a country of human beings and not see any of them as people. All people deserve to have rights, it is the only way to humanely treat each other. When the government lets things as important as human rights leave the system of governing, the country fails just like Burma’s does. In Burma, the military government violates human rights by compromising Burmese citizen’s health, aiding the drug addicts, and sexually abusing …show more content…
The drug of choice in Burma is heroin. Heroin is a very addictive drug and many people find it extremely difficult to stop using it. After using heroin for just the first or second time. Heroin users constantly crave their next dose will slowly wear the user down and deteriorate them a little bit more after each use. Heroin has become more and more accessible to the population and will most likely continue to worsen. “San Francisco police sergeant John Murphy said in July that buying heroin in this city is as easy as buying a pack of cigarettes” (Bernstein 1999). With that much access to harsh drugs it is easy and many people fall into deadly addictions with heroin. In 1999, Chelala said “the easy accessibility of heroin in Burma has led to its growing use in the country. Especially the intravenous use of the drug and its contributing to a dramatic increase in HIV infection”. Most often times people who inject heroin will share needles with each other. In Burma offers a large amount of heroin for the people of the country, but they do not offer clean needles that people can be somewhat safer with. While there is already a high risk of disease in Burma, the heavy drug usage makes the disease risk higher for the population. There are not many ways that the civilians can get treatment for diseases, so they have to live with their illnesses, fading from their drug usage for the rest of their

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