The Importance Of Homophobia On Gays

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Many problems stem from the issue of people of personal freedoms. The attitude towards homosexuality varies around the world. Depending on locational factors, being gay in one place can be significantly worse than being gay in another. In Russia, Vladmir Putin publicly renounces gays. In Iran, being gay is punishable by death. The NCAVP, National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, reported in 2012 that there was over 2,000 reported crimes against homosexuals and other members of the LGBT community. These figures are much higher in Iran. In the first half of 2014, the Iranian government prosecuted and killed 400 people for being gay (The Daily Beast, “Iran’s New Executions).Although gay rights have become a priority in the majority of first …show more content…
Although these items are basic and talk about homophobia on a college campus, they lay a foundation that other nations could follow. For example, “Interrupt anti-LGBTQ jokes, comments or any other behaviors that make homophobia and transphobia appear OK”, and “Use neutral labels like “partner” or “significant other” instead of “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” etc”, appear on the list (UNC Charlotte, “Combatting Homophobia”). Interrupting homophobic jokes signals the mob mentality. When one person calls out something as wrong, others see that and recognize it. Using gender neutral labels keeps sexual orientation private, and out of the scope of people who could possibly persecute another for it. Lists like this serve the purpose of spreading helpful information. Information like this debunks myths and promotes unity.
Stepping in to stop prejudice is the second part of a three step plan to stop homophobia. Stepping in to stop prejudices is important because it sends a message. When someone else sees someone protesting or stopping an injustice, they see what might be potentially wrong with it. Stepping in can also take the form of a march or rally. An example of this is The March on Washington. The March on Washington inspired change

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