The Importance Of Having Native 's English Speakers Accent Essays

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In the article of "I want to sound like Heidi Klum," there are several perspectives have been mentioned in the article. The most interesting points to me were that most of the non-native speakers do not want to sound like native speakers from America because they found it is not exactly as intelligible as to them. Also, the idea of students prefers to have an accent of non-native speakers to sound like them which is makes me supersized, the non-native speaker 's view. In my opinion, I agree with these perspectives for several reasons and disagree with the idea of having native 's English speakers accent. First of all, like me as non-native speakers, I do not see that all native speakers are intelligible to sound like their accent. For example, some of the Hollowed movies use some slang words in their movies that some non-native speakers cannot understand. Thus, why should I learn or want to sound like a someone who does not speak the correct English that does not help me? Additionally, in this article, it seems that he considers the native speakers is not always the proper English to be thought or to be seen as an accent that some non-native speakers believe that it as a model English. I agree with his perspective because some native speakers have not understandable accent such as a thick accent. So, for this reasons some non-native speakers prefer to have other English accents and verities than have native speakers ' accent or Varity. Besides, some people may think…

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