Essay about The Importance Of Having A Theoretical Orientation

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This paper will discuss the importance of having a theoretical orientation when working with individuals, families, and treatment groups. One of the main reasons for a theoretical orientation is because it gives the social worker a framework of reference to understand the therapeutic needs of the client. It provides the social worker with a theory-based framework for generating hypotheses about the client’s experience and behaviors, which in turn helps prepare the basis for a specific treatment intervention.
This paper will show the reader how social workers develop a theoretical orientation by first understanding themselves; then, assessing and understanding the client’s needs. For a social worker to be effective they must remember that they have to learn all the theories, get outside their comfort zone, stop trying to get the client to fit into their favorite theory that they like, and learn how to interact with the clients in a way that works for them.
Developing a Theoretical Orientation Halbur & Halbur suggest 10 strategies for finding a theoretical orientation and the one that I found most useful is the strategy of finding yourself. Professional Social Work Practice requires the use of “self” in an effort to help others. Perhaps more than any other profession, social workers must know themselves to be effective in professional practice. To better know and understand ourselves, we must reflect on our past experiences, attitudes, biases, values and…

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