Essay on The Importance of Green Technology

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The Importance of Green Technology
Bob Smith
INF 103
Danika Patrick
December 17, 2012

The Importance of Green Technology With the ever changing world we live in, green technology is here for the betterment of our fellow man. The future of our planet is dependent on mankind to produce a safe, clean, and viable resource that does not rely on non renewable resources. The history of green technology, how we currently utilize it, and what we can look forward to in the future acuminate to how we may live on a healthier, more efficient earth. Due to the growth rate of civilization and its ever increasing advances, green technology has become a focal point for many pioneers that want a better planet to live on. Green Technology
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Another example for the influence on societies push for the betterment of green technology is provided as an environmental snapshot from the 1960s and 1970s. Meyer (2010) provides an account of environmental events that occurred in the 1960s and the action responses in the 1970s as seen in Figure 1 of this paper. It is apparent that as these events unfolded, public concerns over environmental safety grew and legal action by the government was implemented.
This is not to be construed that corporations did not take notice as well. The interest was eventually brought to a head as it was realized that green technology would become extremely profitable. The 1969 National Environmental Policy Act was one of the first laws put into action that started the pathway towards Green Technology. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, 2012) states, “NEPA establishes that all federal agencies’ funding or permitting decisions be made with full consideration of the impact to the natural and human environment” (para 3). This has paved the way for how we hold ourselves responsible for making today’s technology user friendly and beneficial for the environment. We have come a long way with green technology in a short period of time. This type of technology covers a broad spectrum. Green building, chemistry, environmental, and energy are some subject areas of green technology. Many feel the

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