The Importance Of Grades In Schools

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Grades in Schools
Students, parents, and teachers all have different points of view when it come to grades in schools in Lake Forest and in other districts out of state. This day in history many teachers feel grades in school are hurting students ability to grow and learn and the only reason they are trying is to get straight A’s and not learning, what they’re being tought. While, other feel like grades help a student strive and grow, craving for the A’s. Student’s on the other hand some students have very strong beliefs about teachers giving out grades in all of their classes.
Working Harder Students and Parents feel about the same when it comes to grades in schools. Caroline Zeeman, a student from Deer Path Middle School speaks out and says “I think that grades help push you to do better in your classes, but can also be frustration and hard to keep up.” A recent survey shows, 76.06% of 8th-grade students at Deer Path Middle School, feel grades in school are important. Some students say
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Michelle Roti vocalized “I want grades in schools in common core classes such as, language arts, science, social studies, and math, but not in fine arts classes, for instance, band. I feel that the band teachers grade unfairly.” Michelle Roti wants grades and doesn’t at the same time. John Zeeman a Junior, at Lake Forest High School, said “Grades can be beneficial to students learning abilities, but can also put a great amount of stress on a student, which could lead to bigger things, such as, lack of sleep, mono, lack of social commentaries, not being able to comprehend the lessons being taught in school.” Brian Zeeman a 5th grader at Deer Path Middle School, thought “I don’t like grades because they are very hard to keep up with, because it’s was a big step from 4th grade to 5th grade. On the other hand grade are fun, because when you get a high grade your parents are super-duper happy for

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