The Importance Of Funerals

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The death of an infant is an extremely difficult time. Because everyone grieves differently, you may decide that you wish to forgo a traditional funeral service and deal with your loss in a different way. This is a perfectly acceptable choice and one you need not feel guilty about. If you do intend to plan a funeral, it's important to understand your choices so you can plan the service that's right for you and your family. Here you will find the practical information you need during this difficult time.

How to Organize a Funeral for a Stillborn Baby

Make Your Wishes Known

It is important to understand that there are often state laws governing the death of an infant. In Massachusetts, for example, the remains of a baby stillborn during
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A funeral service is one in which the remains are present. Funerals are often preceded by a viewing, but this is not required. A memorial service is held at any time and is performed without the remains or when the remains have been cremated. Because the remains are not present at a memorial service, you can opt to schedule the ceremony whenever you wish without any time constraints. This gives you more time to prepare yourself and plan the service. Both funeral and memorial services can be held in a church, funeral home, private home or other location. Graveside services are also an option and tend are usually considered funerals.

Personal Mementos

If you opt for a burial rather than cremation, you'll need to decide what to do with your baby's personal effects. While you may wish to keep a special baby blanket, stuffed animal or other personal effects, many parents choose to place meaningful items in the casket with their baby. You may choose to place a family photo in the casket with your baby or a rattle that was gifted to you by someone special. You may also choose a special dress or outfit.

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Some parents bury their infant next to a grandparent or other loved one. This often creates the feeling that the child will never be alone. Others may spread their baby's ashes in a memorial garden or in a special place that holds meaning for the family. Other parents choose to keep their baby's ashes for eventual burial along with them. Whatever you choose, make sure that you select an option that will continue to bring you peace, even if you relocate and are no longer able to easily visit a grave site.

There is simply no wrong way to grieve the death of your baby. Keep this in mind when planning the funeral for a stillborn baby. Do what feels right to you and your partner rather than trying to figure out what others will deem as good or proper. At some point in your planning and grieving process, consider reaching out to others who have shared this tragedy

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