The Importance Of Fate In The First Stone

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People could change no matter who they are. In the novel, The First Stone written by Don Aker, there is a boy who is uncaring towards others, but shows why he deserves a second chance. Throughout the novel Reef, the main character, shows how he changed his personality. He showed that when he got the right treatment, he turned into a different person. He has also changed his actions and who he will become. Reef has changed from someone who does not care about others, to someone who puts others' feelings before his own. He has demonstrated that he deserves a second chance throughout the novel.

Reefs personality and actions have changed throughout the novel when he got the right treatment. When he was sentenced to 12 months at the North Hill Group Home, he went there to change his personality and actions. In the quote below it shows where Reef has gone in the past for his actions.
“The judge paused again, was rewarded with silence, then continued. Despite the fact that the public is demanding stiffer punishments. I firmly believe that punishment is not the way to
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Before Reefs treatment at the North Hill Group Home, he was a juvenile and he disrespected others and their property. When Reef was angry he would usually put his feelings in front of others, by harming or damaging their property. Reefs personality has changed throughout the novel. He went from someone who does not care about himself, to someone who is mature and responsible. His life has flipped around because Reef went back to high school, to get a better education. Reef is also on the school volleyball team. "His ability to kick and volley a ball, with almost unerring accuracy confounded both his coaches, who found it difficult to believe he hadn't played either of their sports before" (Aker 287). Reef has changed over the novel, he has shown how someone could turn something bad, into

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