The Importance Of Evil In The Bible

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Register to read the introduction… One day we will go out to eat have a lovely dinner, and though we are full, precede to a dessert that is not needed. Comes number less ominous. When that woman with a model figure dressed in BeBe walks by you grudgingly wish you were she. Hearing these inconsequential things, you would think nothing of performing them from day to day. These sins do not necessarily strike you as a good reason why we are innately born evil. Yet, according to the Bible gluttony lying, and coveting are all sins. In which every sin is weighed the same. Looking at sin this way, we begin to see how much we really do sin in a day. However, in order for that argument to have meaning to a person, they would first have to believe in the truth behind the Bible. See this is where the argument of society creating our out looks on right and wrong comes from. In earlier ages it was less heard of to not trust the Bible as your source of right and wrong. Throwing out the Bible as the only source, now a days we have seen the change in what is considered “acceptable” in sexuality and morals. Society has said no to the Bible as the one moral code now deciding what our moral code is. Nonetheless, …show more content…
It is not to say that once one understands the idea of good, they will not try earnestly to do right. Yet, the selfish idea is the one that comes first: how can I get out of trouble? How can I benefit from this? What will affect me the least? Yet we have trained ourselves to think before we follow through with these decisions. Showing the good that also exist in humanity. We will quit our jobs, because we see another employer being treated unfairly. Even though this action will not benefit us, rather harm us. With that, I do not believe that humanity is evil and never performs good. Humanity is evil along with good. Evil reigns because of the instinctual, but good can overcome it if

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