The Importance Of Ethics In Tourism

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Fennel (2006) states ethics is originally derived from the Greek word ethos, which means ‘habitual mode of conduct’ and conduct will ensure that good is being done. There is a relationship could be found between moral value and practice. One value does not always appear connected with one fact. Many value often appear entangled within one situation. This could be called an ethical dilemma (Maeda, 2012).Ethical dilemma is provoked by touristic practice in relation to the perpetuation of social inequality and between the global economic development and environmental sustainability (Lovelock, 2013). Sustainable development is defined as the development that meet the needs of the present while the future generation are able to fulfil their own …show more content…
The tourism activity plays a vital role in earning foreign exchange currency and increasing employment opportunities to local community. However, Randeep (2009) reports that there are huge amount of rubbish in this country. Although the government has built up an artificial island for the capital to store the rubbish, the number of rubbish has soared in recent years which also from the tourism waste. There are more than 10,000 tourists a week who bring their waste to the …show more content…
The issue of adaptive preferences, whereby people accept less because of low expectations. (Elster, cited in Robertson, 2007, p.2).
The policy of taxation on the waste and rubbish, it might be immediate benefits to local environment, but it would affect the tourism industry. As time goes on, less tourism will visit to the Maldives due to the extra taxes and the hotel investors also will consider the cost as the investment decisions. The national economic system will slow down the growth rate as the result.
With respect to the hospitality industry, the McDonalds and KFC are very successful business in the industry. It is well known brand and very popular in many countries. It starts to leading fast food spread over the world. However, the fast food, in a sense, it will cause health problem within teenagers and adults. Corporate Accountability International organisation (no date) publishes that the fast food causes global epidemic of diet related diseases and health problems. Around one in three children who born in year 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime due to the diet factor. In addition to this, fast food also will cause the health problem, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease and asthma. The dilemma seriously produces the negative impact to community and society. It

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