The Importance Of Ethics And Business Sense

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The role of an accountant has variety of different activities. While an accountant has various elements while working the two that priorities out are: ethics and business sense. Having a excellent business sense would help identifying a successful business. As for ethics this is looking at whether a business is behaving in the correct way. Both of these skills would help a future accountant to develop. Business sense would let the accountant to see what a business is doing well and what they could improve. Furthermore the ethical aspect this would let an accountant to accurately suggest how a business could increase their profits, without breaching any rules on the way of doing so. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of ethics …show more content…
The essay addressed several of different ethic areas that could appear within a business and how the matter should be dealt with. The key of being an ethical business is weighing the internal and external activities, which would mean that a company should not overlook one of factors more than the others because they will need to be ethnically inside out to be labelled as a good ethical company. As for the business sense, the company will need to make sure that they follow any regulations while they are operating and making sure that the route that the business is taking is not harming anyone. Therefore, for a future account these two topics will be crucial to be familiar with as they are two of the more important elements. One of accountants jobs are to state any financial improvements that the business could imply to help them. In conclusion, an accountant before stating the improvements the business should make, accountants will need to look at both ethical and business sense sides. This would then help them to conclude whether the initial suggestion is suitable for the business they are working

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