Ethical Dilemmas In Business

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Business ethics is becoming an increasing topic for many major businesses throughout America. These businesses want to be successful and maintain good ethics and strive to be a company that consumers can have faith in. In current times some businesses are thought of as being unethical and not truthful in business dealings and this leads to a downfall of trustworthiness in a company that is reputable and popular.
Ethics Dilemma The ethics dilemma in businesses has led to an organization being formed known as (BELA) or Business Ethics Leadership Alliance and was formed to unite companies from many different business backgrounds that are used every day in the United States and globally (Ghillyer, 2014). The business world today has been plagued
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This type of business leads to the consumer and other companies avoiding any dealings with a corporation that lacks integrity and good ethics.
Core Values The BELA foundations bases their membership on the four fundamental values and believe this is the reason they can make a difference in companies that have in the past made mistakes and want to make better choices in the future (Ghillyer, 2014). The first core value is legal compliance or rules and regulations that a business uses to deal with business troubles. The majority of companies use feedback from their employees to determine what is going on inside a business. Employees know firsthand about the issues within a company that can be harmful and lead to legal problems (Trevino, Weaver, Gibson &Toffler, 1999). The second core value is transparency and it is defined as the extent in which a stakeholder perceives a company and what it has to offer (Parris, Dapko, Arnold &Arnold, 2016). When an organization has open communication it can drastically improve the goals of the organization and be an overall positive achievement for the
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The idea that Bela was allowing companies such as Walmart join in this organization was frowned upon at some point but after letting other companies join it began to become a positive influence throughout the business world. The fact of letting these companies make amends for some unethical situations allowed the public to see they were trying to become a more ethical company (Ghillyer, 2014). BELA will eventually reach outside of the United States and reach other companies that have been unethical. The companies in America are not the only ones that have problems and if BELA can be an outreach to other nations it will improve trade and boost the

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