Becoming An Ethical Social Worker

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Self-knowledge helping make Ethical Decisions
When one takes on the challenge of becoming a Social Worker, they must first understand where they stand in their own life, in regards to ethical and moral dilemmas. After all, one will be aiding other individuals in the making of choices. These are the type decisions that will, greatly affect their life. If a person goes into this field without strong, positive ethics and morals, they could find them self in a disarray of trouble, or even worse without a job. Image of Being Moral
What does it mean to be a moral person? According to, moral means “of, relating to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right
…show more content… states that ethical means “pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct.” (Dictionary pg. 1) To me an ethical Social Worker is one that sands for what is right and just. They don’t make their decisions based on who a person is or where they came from. The ethical Social Worker will think and place themselves in the other person’s shoes, before making choices, which will affect the individual’s life. Being ethical also requires the worker to follow NASW in all situations. The worker must put their own personal thoughts and feelings aside, in order to put the client’s best interest first. One cannot allow their own issues and believes hinder the client from making decisions that are best for …show more content…
Moral individuals are taught the difference between right and wrong; they follow the rules and obey the law. Our upbringing and spiritual beliefs mold our morals. Ethical individuals stand for what is right and do their best to be a good member of society. They abide by the rules and the law. They are subsequently intertwined; I feel that a person can’t have one without the other. Each person must make choices based on their own personal morals and ethics, trying always to do what is right, both for ourselves personally and for society.
What’s important: I believe it is important to be a good person, do a good job, and make good contributions to Society. However, I think most important, for me, is being a good person. By being a good person, I feel that I also contribute to society and do well at whatever job I am tackling. If one is a good person then they will have a positive impact on others. Individuals will see the way one makes decisions, the way they live and the way they conduct themselves. I think that good positive role modeling can be

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