The Importance Of English Proficiency Among Immigrants Essay

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The Importance of English Proficiency Among Immigrants

Hindrance in communication alone highlights the importance for immigrants to learn the dominant language in any country they move to, more specifically, the necessity of learning English in the United States. The Importance of English Proficiency Among Immigrants Among the various challenges and expectations that immigrants are faced with when moving to a new country, the importance of second language acquisition supersedes the majority of issues when dealing with cultural assimilation. Though there is no standard expectation of proficiency, immigrants should at least reach a mutual level of understanding – this of course would not prove to be most effective for advancement, but as Amy Tan mentions in “Mother Tongue,” there are many “Englishes” and each one has its’ purpose. As language is the strongest form of communication, not speaking the dominant language can have long-term negative effects on immigrants, such as, reversal of roles between parents and children, generational gaps in language, tradition and culture, and the inability to share the same economic and societal success as those who are proficient in English. Some might say that parental dependency on children can benefit the child because they have the opportunity to teach their parents, which can help them strengthen their skills. As quoted in Amy Tan 's “Mother Tongue,” “sociologists and linguists probably will tell you that a person’s developing…

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