The Importance Of Energy: The Conservation Of Mass-Energy

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Did you know that every movement you do in this planet is done by using energy? In fact, you are using energy right now. Energy is the capability of producing work. Energy makes a change in an object. Force plays a role in deciding whether an object has done work or not (“Work and energy”, 2015). If the object moves towards the direction of the force, the work done is positive (“Work and energy”, 2015). If the object moves away from the force, the work being done is negative (“Work and energy”, 2015). An important aspect of energy is that it can never be destroyed or made, it can only be transferred into other bodies (“what is energy”, 2015). There is a set amount of energy in earth and that amount cannot increase and cannot decrease, this …show more content…
About sixty years later Albert Einstein came up with the formula that described the conservation of energy which was E = mc2. (“The Conservation of Mass-Energy”, 2015). The E in the equation stands for energy (“what is energy”, 2015). M stands for mass and c stands for the speed that light is travelling (“what is energy”, 2015). As you can see the amount of energy an object has depends on its mass and the speed of lights. So if an object has a larger mass it will have more energy and if it has less mass it will have less energy. Other inventors and scientist also contributed and Benjamin Franklin was one of the inventors, he discovered electrical energy (“Energy Inventors”, 2015). The term watt used to describe electricity was invented by James Watt (“Energy Inventors”, 2015). Without these important discoveries our world would not be the …show more content…
There are many sources for energy but the most come is from the sun, which is the primary resources and is one of earth’s stars (“Energy story”, 2015). The sun gives us energy during the day, because that’s the period of time that it comes out at. The energy from the sun gives us light and heat (“Energy story”, 2015). An example of how the sun provides us with energy is when we set out our wet clothes and the sun dries it for us. The sun also gives plants life, energy is used while the sun provides these nutrients. This energy is transferred to us, humans, when we eat these plants. For example, in order for an apple to have grown it had to have gotten energy to the sun, and when we eat that apple, we receive that energy. This example clearly proves that energy can be transferred. Another source from where we receive energy from are fossil fuels. Some examples of fossil fuels are animals who have died years ago and have decade. Gas, oil and coal are all productions of fossil fuels (“Energy”, 2015). Although these three things are useful when they are burned to make energy our planet is negatively affected. Examples of how the earth is negatively affect are that the earth’s atmosphere gets contaminated with bad gases, which leads to negative effects on human breathing. Another example of why burning fuels are bad to burn

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