Essay on The Importance Of Effective Schools And Effective Teachers

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Finding new ways to improve learning experiences equally for all students, as well as ways to promote healthy learning communities, is an important aspect of effective schools and effective teachers. Therefore, successful schools and teachers are interested in finding ways to support diversity in schools. Currently, teachers are taking steps to address diversity by learning about the ways students differ, about the teachers themselves, and, finally, by seeking to form one inclusive classroom community. First of all, in order for them to cultivate an inclusive classroom, teachers must learn about the ‘them’, that is, their students. The diversity of students, their abilities, and intelligences are as numerous as the students themselves. Harro Van Brummelen addresses six forms of diversity that may be found in classrooms. These diversities will be the subject of the following chapters. They are: emotional and social diversity, intellectual diversity, cultural diversity, communication diversity, economic diversity, and religious and ethical diversity (Van Brummelen, 2009).
The first areas of diversity are emotional and social diversity, and intellectual diversity. Emotional and social diversity has to do with a student’s emotional levels, as well as their social abilities. For instance, some students may continually display their emotions and be unable to control them, whereas, on the other extreme, a student may have difficulties in expressing emotions at all. As for social…

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