The Importance Of Education And Education

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Generally education is the method of officially or informally support learning. Education is important because, it provides people with the knowledge. It develops people 's look to the life. It helps them to make the right decisions. It leads to a developed health care system. It leads to have more doctors and nurses in nations, Also, it helps to improve the economy because, well-educated workers produce more and have more wages than less educated workers. Although, health and economy are important. They help to make a huge and strong country but, education is the most important. Everything depends on knowledge nowadays. Without the education hoe can the society build the future and make successful employers.

According to (The schools and students health education unit, 2015) education is more important than health care. It is a guide to improvement of physical and mental health because education is the basis of healthcare. If there is no education, there will not be any abilities of reading and writing . Without literacy, people are going to lose the knowledge about healthcare. The unawareness will make an unhealthy society.
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However, an unhealthy person cannot be educated.It is important to be healthy because, if people lose the education they can gain it again but, they cannot regain their health. If a person is hopeless of the education but, he does not have the enough money. It is a bad thing. It is not going to affect on their life in a huge situation but, when they are sick or in pain, they cannot receive medication because, they do not have enough money to have the treatment. That is part of a huge discomfort to their health. Health care is more important than education because, making the education more extensive, people have to be healthy. People can educate in the time they want as long as they are alive, if the health is gone they cannot educate any

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