Hunting And Gathering Case Study

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1) What is the most accurate description of the relative importance of hunting versus gathering in foraging societies in terms of nutrition? In terms of place in society? The way a culture acquires food in order to survive is extremely important. We see this through hunting and gathering within our society today as well as the past, it’s just more advanced compared to those of the past. We gather food on a larger agricultural basis as well as our hunting tools which have become more innovating allowing us to have a more successful chance of harvesting food. Our species (Human Beings) need for food is a necessity in order to survive that is why scientist and anthropologist have developed patterns to show us how food is gathered. Hunter-gather …show more content…
They currently reside in the northern tier of the United States and some various regions throughout Canada. The way a society communicates, operates, socialize, and governs all coincide with a political organization. A political organization is the secular, non-kinship means of organizing the interactions within a society and between one society and others (Park, 2014, p.282).With that being said I personally believe that the Hutterites are to be considered a chiefdom level organization. Chiefdom’s are defined as political organizations made up of groups of interacting units, each of which has a chief, or leader (Park, 2014, p.283). Let’s first examine the other forms of organizations to access why chiefdoms make the most sense. There are states, bands and tribes. When breaking down these terms I found that there a small similarities that may hint towards a correlation with the Hutterites. One political organization is a state. States are political organizations with one central authority governing all the individual units (Park, 2014, p.284). A good example that comes to mind in regards to the term state would be the United States or England. The United States has a political head such as the president while England has the queen and Prime Minister. Our two societies use these particular individuals as the face of the government and they are embodied with making the core decisions for all individuals that reside within the territory. States usually reap a larger amount of individuals with more intricate connections as well as both being elaborate agriculturally and industrially. The Hutterites don’t have a large industrial community rather they have a more agricultural communal based community in which everything is shared and redistributed through the colony. They also don’t have one figure head of all the

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