The Importance Of Domestic Partner Violence

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Violence is a global issue, and dating and intimate partner violence (IPV) presents a danger to those in relationships throughout the world. In some cases, the commonality of IPV is impacted by a patriarchal society, where it is expected that men have control over women. Other factors also have a role in the prevalence of IPV, including age, level of education, income or employment issues, the use of alcohol or drugs, abuse in the family of orientation, and specific personality traits (Seccombe, 2012). Research has also provided that it is more likely for violence to exist (by 1.43 percent) in personal relationships when the man works in a physically violent occupation, such as law enforcement. This was the case in the relationship between …show more content…
There are many different types of intimate partner violence, including common couple violence (stemming from a specific argument); intimate terrorism (where control of the other is a key factor); violent resistance (aka self-defense); and mutual violent control (where each partner is controlling and violent) (Seccombe, 2012). In the case of Michelle O’Connel and Jeremy Banks, it seems that intimate terrorism and common couple violence potentially existed. According to Banks, the argument was a single event, and the death of O’Connel was a suicide that directly resulted from that event. O’Connel’s family would argue that intimate terrorism existed in their relationship, and there is evidence to support that point. Michelle had been isolated from her family and friends by Jeremy; after moving in with him, communication between Michelle and her loved ones became less and less frequent. Anger management issues were a known problem of Banks’, as confirmed by his coworkers and Michelle’s …show more content…
We will never know exactly what her reasons for doing so were. To the same point, we will never know the exact circumstances under which her death occurred. We do know that Jeremy had anger management problems, including aggression that had been witnessed by both Michelle’s family and Jeremy’s coworkers. What is most disturbing about this case is that Jeremy Banks was a law enforcement officer. He is one of the people that those in abused relationships turn to for protection in dire times of need. Jeremy Banks failed to uphold the oath of honor he took as part of his position of employment. After Michelle’s death, the investigators were influenced by Jeremy’s position at the department. Their judgement was clouded by the fact that Jeremy was a coworker. He became untouchable because he was a fellow law enforcement officer. Because of this, not only was the initial investigation flawed, the subsequent external investigation failed to view the facts in an impartial way to determine the true cause of death. Those who experience intimate partner violence face an extreme level of risk and danger in their lives, especially at the time when they try to leave. This is true in any case. For those who do experience violence, it is important to document the instances and make sure that family is aware of what is happening in the relationship. Also, when one prepares to leave, they should try to have

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