The Importance Of Developing Exceptional Job Skills Essay

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With a tired sight —slightly shaded by the effects of the sun—Pedro proclaims, “I’m a rancher,” and when a Mexican man expresses this, you better know what he really means. Absolutely, a Mexican rancher appreciates homemade corn or flour tortillas with a daily and freshly cooked Mexican meal. Fortunately, Pedro’s wife knows how to make and cook those. Positively, Pedro’s friends can call him Mexican “macho,” which makes him proud. He does not see anything wrong with it because it’s the way he has grown. Respectfully, Pedro avoids talking with his coworkers’ wives, because in Pedro’s perspective a woman who approaches him without her husband, only wants to flirt. Religiously, a Mexican rancher always respects his job because it is the way he can provide for his family. Therefore, developing exceptional job skills is his goal. After ten years as a roofer expert in the United States of America Pedro reveals, “I like to make things right on the job,” and firmly he continues, “I do not like when customers call me back when something is wrong.” That’s why Pedro’s new coworkers think he is always upset.
At first impression Pedro seems unfriendly, which is not accurate. His serious face disappears when Pedro’s peculiar humor sense makes act of presence. Also, some friends think he has saved money, which Pedro informs, “It is not true, and I don’t know from where they got that idea” In addition, some people think Pedro is “Chaparro” (short), which it is something that could…

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