The Importance Of Customers

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Finding a new method to understand the customers better
The conception of the ancient human is having enough food and warm clothing, but the need of the current human is changed. With the continuous development of the society, everything also changes to catch up the development of the society. Then, human doesn’t escape from this changed rules, so people want to eat and wear better to satisfy their needs. In business, everyone always wonders why this product is successful and that is unsuccessful. There are many reasons to answer for this question such as the different weather, condition, and quality; but everyone forgets the important elements are the customer behaviors and needs. There is the truth that the consumers will decide the survival
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When the retailers find the new method to increase the quality of the products, the customers will receive the best products which beseems with the amount of money to buy the item. For example, with a luxurious mall, the products which are designed for men are put the first floor to create the convenience for men because they don’t like spending much time for shopping. In contrast, women often like going shopping to look at and choose the best available products for their family or themselves. Another example, with some popular stores, they show the fashionable clothes to focus on the view of women because the women can buy the dress which brings the good impression if they really like it. Why is the difference in the product introduction? To find the answer, the retailers have to observe their customers with many ways to determine the gender, age, and time to go shopping. Then, all things only help them find the possible method to bring the best conditions for the consumers. It isn’t fair when people think the retailers take advantage of their clients because the clients receive the favorite product and the retailer have profit. Therefore, …show more content…
In contrast, the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists isn’t manipulative and unethical because it helps the retailers build a plan to complete with other retailers. Every retailer will set up the strategy for the new product. Every product will count from the beginning step to the depressive step to decide the price of the item. If the retailers don’t prepare their new product carefully, they will be failed and can lose a brand for the customers’ choice. For example, Nokia was the famous company about the mobile phone which people loved but it bankrupted because it the phone style was too obsolete and didn’t adopt with the new modern technologies. With the collapse of the honest brand made the loyal clients felt disappointed. Another example, with the intelligence and acumen of the leaders, Apple don’t give up to develop and design the new products not to be disappointed for their customers because the improvement is updated continuously. Then, Iphone 7 is the proof for studying and developing is useful. If they don’t follow the tendency of the society, they won’t be supported by many fans around the world. Thus, the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists isn’t manipulative and unethical because it helps the retailers build a plan to complete with other

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