The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Nursing

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For a nurse to be competent in their nursing practice, there must be adequate communication and efficient care. When the nurse encounters a culturally diverse patient, or a patient from a different culture, there are a variety of obstacles that may impede the nurse with having adequate communication and efficient care with the patient. The purpose of this post is to review the various obstacles that can occur when the nurse and patient come from different cultures. The obstacles to review are cultural baggage, ethnocentrism, cultural imposition, prejudice, and discrimination. Then will proceed to explain what can be done to overcome the obstacles through cultural self-assessment and the five steps in providing culturally congruent nursing care (Andrews & Boyle, 2015).
Cultural Obstacles
Everyone functions within his or her own culture’s understanding of the world. This includes what is normal and what is the proper way of dealing
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The nurse must determine what are her or his cultural beliefs and how do they dictate to the nurse what is normal and what should be done to deal with life situations. This includes an honest look at the nurse’s prejudices and acts of discrimination. Once the problem has been realized, the nurse can work on overcoming it. This is accomplished when the nurse leaves his or her own cultural baggage behind and by learning what culture the patient has to provide support. This leads to the concept of culturally congruent nursing care. This is achieved when the nurse looks at the patient’s care through the culture of the patient and not her own. By looking at the situation from the parent’s culture, the nurse can see that they do love their child very much and want what’s best based on religious beliefs. The nurse assists the patient with choices and providing care that is in line with what the patient’s culture believes (Chettih,

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