The Importance Of Cultural Challenges Among Immigrants

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Health concerns among recent immigrants are malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, Vitamin A deficiency, and scurvy. “Common infectious diseases are diarrheal disease, measles, malaria, and acute respiratory illness” (Stratis Health, 2015). Almost half of the new arrivals are affected by intestinal parasites. They also have high rates of tuberculosis. They believe that mental illness is often believed to be caused by spirit possession or as a punishment from God. They often use traditional spiritual healers use religious rituals for healing. Patients may wear amulets to ward off evil spirits. “Often, Somalis will not take medications such as anti-tubercular agents if they feel healthy” (Stratis Health, 2015). This can lead to a spread of the infection. Female circumcision is another heath practice that is part of this culture. It is performed before adolescence, and involves removal of parts of the genitalia. After the procedure the area is then sewn together. Circumcision can …show more content…
I would try to get members of the different Hispanic cultures to come and teach us about their ways, this would include those from different Latin American countries encouraging each to represent their cultural differences. Also there would be representatives from the Asian community, the Sudanese community, the Somalian community, the Native American and the different Caucasian groups to all come share their values and customs.
I would also invite the religious leaders from each community to set up booth so they can share information and values of their group. This would help teach what foods were acceptable and which were off limits in each culture. The could also share information on what health care was acceptable such as no blood products for Jehovah Witnesses .This could help provide education for the hospital staff and

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