The Importance Of Corporate Censorship In The Media

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The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that the government cannot infringe upon the freedom of speech and media’s press coverage, but in recent years the government seems more determined to censor what is released in the media. According to free-lance journalist, Edward Bishop, “there is … a closeness between journalism and the government that most people would be shocked if they knew about” (Csapó-Sweet and Kopper, 2001, 19:50). The media allows people a way to express themselves freely and is a means of informing people what is going on in the world. Addressing the issue of corporate ownership in the media is much more important than it appears to be; to take down corporate ownership would help maintain the circulation …show more content…
When it comes to corporate ownership of different media outlets, the FCC is turning a blind eye to what is happening around the country. News stations are being censored according to what the corporations want the public to see. Corporations are mainly showing American citizens news that will benefit their company’s ambitions and not thinking about how it will impact the average American. The FCC needs to stop big business from controlling the media. The government is responsible for protecting its citizens, and I for one do not feel like I my rights and freedoms are completely safe. I do not want to be controlled by a business. I do not want my children to be influenced by the things they see on television. I want the media to be independently owned not by a company, but rather one person from within that media outlet. In order to take down corporate ownership, the government needs to enforce the regulations they have had set in place for over seventy years ago, the American public needs to become educated on what is going on around them, and the censorship of the media by these corporations must end. If something is not done soon, Big Brother will appear, and sooner than we

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