Reflective Essay On Continuing Professional Development

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Mental health is one of the exceptional topic in Nursing that is interesting but quite complicated. You need to fully understand each topics because of its complexities. Another is that we also need to focus on mental health because I think it discusses not only the disorders that we could get but also for us to be aware that these disorders may affect us or our family members. This essay will discuss the different Continuing Professional Development (CPD) topics that I have chosen, and will answer the following questions of why I chose them, how these activities will contribute to my career, how can apply these learnings in the future and what are the learning needs that I need to identify and addressed. As I was reading different CPD discussions, it refreshes my mind and my ideas about different mental health problems and the way the community responds to it. These are the topics that I’ve included in my CPD reading lists: Anxiety disorder, Eating disorders, Depression, Schizophrenia, …show more content…
Others might disregard these occurrence as normal and some may not even know that they are suffering from these disorders. Also, I selected these topics because I want to make a change when it comes to elimination of stigma and discrimination that people with mental disorder experienced. According to (Alonso et al., 2009) that despite of the advancement of evidence based research and treatments as well as expanded knowledge of the people about mental issue, numerous individuals report direct encounters of discrimination and social stigma and it remains a serious issue. In doing CPD in mental health, I can help the people with mental disability by promoting mental health literacy and by doing evidence based research in lessening or eliminating the social

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