Period Of Reconstruction

As a black young woman living in this generation today, I ’am sickened and humiliated of my race. I’ am embarrassed by the way we act towards each other, treat other ethnicities, our families, peers and community. When I look at Fox news or even social media, all I can think of is our ancestors. The ancestors who fought for the African-Americans so we can have privileges and feel accepted as equal. Although, slavery happened many decades ago, color discrimination still lives on until this day. Many people don 't acknowledge how much the world evolved since the 1800s. Throughout that time, white people didn 't care for colored people. The Caucasian-
Americans thought they were superior, wiser and more important than African-Americans.
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In my perspective, the period of reconstruction is defined by its successes and failures . During reconstruction, they had shown progress politically, economically and culturally, but had shown a disappointment. While African-Americans were trying to gain the privilege of freedom and civil rights, there was a defeat. Such as: Violence.
While in the period of reconstruction, laws were ruling in favor of the black people and that caused the white people to become angry. Violent redemption made the atmosphere more ruthless and negative between the African- Americans and Caucasian-Americans. On July 4,
1876, the Hamburg Massacre occurred because two white men got into a heated argument with the black militia and days later the white rifle club members attacked them. One white man killed, 29 black men were taken to prison, and the other 11 fled the scene. Five of the black men who were leaders were killed instantly and the white rifle club members terrorized the small black town. There were many other violent encounters during reconstruction, but let 's not
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Found in Pulaski, Tennessee, The Ku Klux Clan expanded overtime thought the south. The Ku Klux Klan had many purposes: to protect the weak, the innocent, and helpless, from the humiliation, wrongs, and disapproval of the rebellion, the violent and the brutal; to relieve the injured and hardship. When I think of the Ku Klux Klan, all I can think of is hatred. They murdered, threatened, intimidated, beaten and raped colored people so they can reclaim power over the blacks. They beat and killed hundreds of black people and many white people. Black churches and schools were burned down. In South Carolina, a black chairman of the Republican party, was slain as he stepped off the train by the Ku Klux
Klan. Found in Pulaski, Tennessee, The Ku Klux Clan expanded overtime throughout the

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