The Importance Of Climbing Mt. Everest

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Climbing Mt. Everest isn't easy . Many people have tried and have failed. Reaching a goal for some people becomes a lifelong journey. People are also leaving things that they don't want to carry down, on the mountain, so that it's looking like a big garbage pile.
Climbing Mt. Everest would give a person a feeling of accomplishment and knowing that they did something not many other people in the world get to do or would be able to do. You have to be in shape physically and be as prepared as you can for anything that might go wrong. Helping the Sherpa people out is a good thing as well. The climbers give them money to guide them and to help them try to reach the top. Sir Edmund Hillary even helped build schools in Nepal, which is at the base of Mt. Everest.
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There are also narrow ledges and 10,000 foot drops, bitter cold, strong winds and climbers often suffer from altitude sickness. They don't feel like carrying any more down than they have to, so they leave things like tents, cans, empty oxygen containers and human waste behind.
There are now organizations who have climbers go to clean up the trash off of the mountain, but they also face the same dangers that other climbers face. In 2013, they removed more than 13 TONS of trash down off of the mountain.
Mt. Everest is a hard mountain to climb and shouldn't be taken lightly. You have to be physically and mentally ready. People should clean up after themselves. to keep the mountain as clean as it was in the

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