The Importance Of Cleanliness In Architecture

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In the beginning of the industrial revolution, cleanliness has become a social standard. Being clean has been ideal for its representation of health, hygiene, perfection and civility. Modern society has evolved at a faster pace and rejected the concept of dirtiness of humans and houses. In industrial design, cleaning could be described as streamlining which involved simplifying objects to be efficient, modern and organised. The production of cheap commodities was high in demand because it revolutionized public consumption. However, some religions relate their virtue to cleanliness, therefore it is a lifestyle. In this paper, the concept of cleanliness will be discussed along with an example of an interior design style known as the Shaker style. …show more content…
Specifically in the Christian religion, a violation of the ideal order is known as sinning and can be purified with forgiveness. Therefore, religious people live to avoid sinning and stay clean. A style in interior design that represents this quality of life is called the Shaker style. The Shakers were modest people because they believed that ostentatiousness is self-indulgent and sinful. According to them, there is no dirt in heaven, therefore ornamentation is unnecessary to function because it only creates more clutter. Instead, they designed interior spaces to be easy to clean and enhance functionality. They handcrafted their furniture with clean lines using light materials to be hung up on the walls when not in use. They favoured built-in furniture used for storage to allow spaciousness. The less clutter is on the floor, the more surface can be clean. The walls were mostly left white to keep the space purified because colors were considered to attract notice. In general, they were minimalist people who carefully followed their belief.
In conclusion, cleanliness is what describes our modern society. The cleaner a space is, the more efficient it is. However, keeping up with this order is difficult for society to handle because it involves time and money. Cleanliness is a need, otherwise society would not continue advancing because our economy depends on society to stay clean. Therefore, cleanliness is considered a concept that “erases” human’s truth of

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