Leadership Role Of Achieving Diversity In The Workplace

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Government agencies reflect the society that the people it serves, it’s most noticeable at the top civil services levels. In 2009 more than 61 percent of white males had a senior level pay grade in the federal workforces, this is according to the annual report on the federal work forces by the equal employment opportunity commission. Also in the report just 29 percent of women hold a senior pay position. With that in mind the percentage of a smaller minority gets smaller, with 7 percent of Africans Americans at that level and Latinos at barely 3.6 percent. The percentage gap has caught the white house notices with the president who issued an Executive order 13583 to establish a coordinated government effect to promote diversity and inclusion …show more content…
2301(b) (1)) As the nation’s largest employer, the federal government has a special obligation to lead an example of diversity. Attaining a diverse qualified workface is one of the cornerstones of the federal merit based civil service. There were prior executive orders, including taking steps to address the leadership role and obligations of the federal government as an employer. An example would be the executive order 13171 of October 20, 2000, a directed executive department and agencies to implement programs for recruitment and career development of Hispanic employees and established a mechanism for identifying the best practices in doing so.

It’s a problem that has not escaped the president’s administration’s notice. The White house is preparing a directive, with the use of the executive order the presidents is going to try and tackle the problem. Another example would be the executive order on the employment of veterans in the federal government. This order created an interagency council on veteran’s employment and directed agencies to develop specific
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The current administration has achieved a goal of hiring 100,000 new employee with disabilities over the next five years, this comes with the Executive Order I3548. This act is meant to increase federal employment of individuals with disabilities. Section 1 of the policy points out that 54 million Americans are living with a disability. More so, it is within the interest of the nation to reduce discrimination against Americans living with a disability, in eliminating the stigma associated with a disability and encouraging Americans with disabilities to seek employment in the federal workforces. However, Americans with disabilities have an employment rate lower than other Americans that don’t have any disabilities, as well, they are underrepresented in the federal workforce. Those that have a disabilities currently only make up just five percent of the nearly 2.5 million people in the federal workforces and those with a targeted disabilities have less than 5 percent, they make up just one percent of the workforce. So, in responds to this findings our government has signed the Executive Order I3163 back in 2000 by then president Clinton calling for an additional 100,000 individuals with disabilities to be employed by the federal government within a 5 year span. Once again the largest employer in the nation has become a model for employment of individuals with disabilities. Also with this

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