Christianity In The 19th Century

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In the 1800s, Alexis de Tocqueville claimed that “There is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America.” This was understandably true in the early nineteenth century. Even today, religion plays a significant role in laws and issues in our country. However, the truth of the matter often gets lost in the changes that our society has gone through. Many today end up rejecting or condemning Christianity as childish, old-fashioned, and even intolerant. The balance of religious spirit that has held us together and the declining value of Christianity often clash with each other. The statement made by Alexis holds true to some extent, and the obvious distrust of Christ today …show more content…
Countless missionaries, evangelical groups, large scale outreaches, overseas ministries, and other gospel groups are based in America. They often send American workers (along with other nationalities) to share Christ 's message with those countries who do not know Him. Compared to Hindu, Buddhist, or Islamic countries around the world, America appears one of the most Christian-looking. America produces and circulates more Bibles than many countries could ever imagine having. It is evident that many people in America own a Bible (or claim to own one), even if some do not actually study it. This gives huge impressions of Christianity. However, some real principles that the founding Americans held onto concerning religion still stick today. Most in America have a moral “conscience” which allows them to make humane decisions. Some have drifted away from conservative and compassionate thinking, but most hold onto some form of morality and “right and wrong”, which God created. The majority of Americans accept religion, even if they don 't believe in it, and do not desire to kill off people in their way. Many other countries or religious sects around the world seek blood and war, but it is safe to say that a good share of Americans will tolerate different religions and beliefs. Christians in America that truly have a heart for God are more prevalent than we sometimes think. As already mentioned, Christ-centered missions and preachers work hard to keep America 's integrity and love intact. We have great amounts of true believers in this country even if we fail to see it when things look

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