The Final Change In Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

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Change commonly associates with every aspect of life. Often noticed in our surroundings and in the people and creatures we encounter, but may not be as significant for every scenario, whether the change involves someone’s personality, health, or the environment. Five years ago, a countless number of people were not the person they are today due to the different experiences they encountered, which assisted them in shedding their aged skin, revealing the new persona they have acquired. Some events in our life alter us for the worse or better, all depending upon the order and time of events, as well as whom it affects. In the realistic fiction Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, the narrator changed drastically from the beginning to the end of the …show more content…
The narrator is now completely stunned since he was nothing but a mere tool the Brotherhood used and remained puzzled towards the questions in which he had no answer. Further, into the riot, the invisible man escapes by taking shelter underground when he enters a manhole, which some people who were questioning the briefcase he possessed closed shut. The narrator was from there on excluded from the world and left in complete darkness with only his thriving thoughts. As the narrator states, “The hibernation is over. I must shake off the old skin and come up for breath. There’s a stench in the air, which, from this distance underground, might be the smell either of death or of spring-I hope of spring. But don’t let me trick you, there is a death in the smell of spring” (Ellison, Page 580). As of now, the narrator grew wise and was no longer blind to the truth and reality of the world he lives in. Betrayal is something the invisible man has encountered multiple times and because of the time he had in his thoughts while trapped in the manhole, he was able to realize all the betrayal, which existed in his life, but only noticed when it was too late. Spring, the season known for the blossoming of life; however, the narrator has grown wise enough to understand how the stench of death does exist. Several times, our protagonist believed in those who were too good to be true and failed each time to realize the

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