The Importance Of Business Environment

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Code of conduct and ethical standard have a significant influence on business environment and its responsibility towards social, environmental health and human health. Our vision is to establish a brand identity which is easily relatable with integrity, authenticity and honesty while delivering high quality product that can bring a positive change to the community to encourage and promote better living.
Corporate Citizenship: As part of the good corporate citizenship approach, our role encompasses our culture and corporate policies related to the community involvement, philanthropy, environmental and governance in the following areas:
• Based on the data from Bureau of Labor statistics, California has the 9th highest unemployment rate of 5.9
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• While our business is largely dependent on the availability of natural water for manufacturing as well as for our raw materials and agricultural use, however, sufficient availability of clean water is essential for the community. At the same time due to water scarcity in draught affected California, the water crisis is a major concern for the community. We are committed to use a water efficient manufacturing process and also to reduce amount of water waste in order to mitigate the risk of community, our suppliers as well as our …show more content…
Unclean water supply, tempering, food contamination or mislabeling during inventory, manufacturing, packaging and final product storing may cause health related issues and any claim could damage our brand reputation and can severely impact our profitability due to product recall, liability issue and lower sales volume. Some of our ingredients or beverage lineup needs refrigeration and pasteurization and any issues with temperature control may cause product defect and eventually may cause an adverse impact to public health upon consumption. In addition, some of the ingredients such as dairy items, sugar, sugar supplements and other compounds are already under regulatory and public health scrutiny which suggests that excessive consumption of any of these may cause adverse health impact. Hence, in order to mitigate the risks related to human health and the adverse impact to our business we are committed to take following steps :
• Clean water is a core component of our business and we have process in place to ensure that there is no contamination related to

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