Big Brother Is Watching By George Orwell Analysis

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When you feel like you’re being watched, it’s only an irrational thought. However, in 1984, a novel by George Orwell, this thought is not only known, but a daily occurrence simply because you are being watched at all times. Throughout the story, the protagonist, Winston Smith, comes across many posters claiming “Big Brother is watching” and the truth of it is that he is. Whether it be through telescreens or the Thought Police, Big Brother is always watching and ready to reprimand those who defy the will of the Party. Big Brother’s existence is an important for the Party to have because it not only gives a face for it’s citizens to love, but a face for it’s enemies to fear.
Big Brother is to Winston what the Christian God is to Atheists. An omnipotent being that controls the weak-minded by shaming sex, and unfavorable behaviors. By this definition, Big Brother’s role in the book is God. An example of this is both the Party and the Catholic Church condemn recreational sex. It is strictly procreation and even then it’s still frowned upon. The Party even created their own “Junior Anti-Sex League” which is
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O’Brien responds “Of course not. How could he die” (Orwell, 260). As far as we know, no human is immortal, therefore, we know Big Brother isn’t real only because he can’t die. So why have Big Brother be the embodiment of the Party if he doesn’t exist? Simply because the people need a face to cheer for. Big Brother symbolizes the Party and all it stands for. So when Winston is brought to the Ministry of Peace for brainwashing he must learn to love Big Brother again. The most suitable person for this task was O’Brien. Winston came to adore O’Brien very quickly because he saw him as his intellectual equal. This contrasts his view of Big Brother in which Winston looks to him in fear as well as curiosity. As Winston mentions, he is curious to what is behind the

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