Analysis Of George Orwell's 'Big Brother Is Shining You'

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“BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” (Orwell 4) This is one of George Orwell’s famous quotes from the book, 1984. Orwell wrote this book to give awareness about totalitarianism and communism. Hitler was able to captured millions of people to follow his lead by his false hopes for them.This gives an example of the ways the people in the book were living at Airstrip One, Oceania Mainland, with fear and imitation. Hitler came from nothing, but was able to persuade millions to Germans to follow his Nazi Party and Joseph Stalin to ruling to Soviet Union; just as Kim Jong Il and his bloodline still have total control over North Korea. Due to these dictators, Orwell wanted to show how life was during the World War II Era and give a warning of how life …show more content…
The citizens worshiped this figure just alike such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Un and his son Kim Jong II idealized their totalitarian leaders. Adolf Hitler created concentration camps for Jews, Gypsies, the homosexuals, and the mentally and physically handicapped, just as the book related to vaporizing people. Joseph Stalin wanted to change the USSR to a “utopia” world, creating a perfect world, allowing everyone to see him as a God. He successfully had many cities named after him and edited textbooks to his liking in order to make his shortcoming seem insignificant on how the world and his people saw him; minializing his shortcoming but glorifying the good things he has done and become. This relates to 1984, by the government constantly rewriting the past. Kim Jong Il ruled with a tight hand, shorting what the North Koreans could do. Once his son took leadership after his death, Kim Jong Un kept North Korea separated from other countries; watching their every move, also how Big Brother and the telescreens were watching its’ citizens. George Orwell wrote this novel to show what would happen if totalitarianism leaders such as Stalin was to rule the entire world. He wanted to give the readers a warning that totalitarianism could pose a threat to the world and the citizens and that individuals could one day live like Winston, Julia and others if demanding leaders with communism thoughts were to take place. Even though the United States isn’t pictured as Winston thought it would be BIG BROTHER IS ALWAYS

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