Mass Media Bias In Journalism

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There are bias sentiments that journalists cannot seem to rid their writing of in 21st century news media. Bias has become a staple in the media and it is reasonable to believe it is to remain this way until there is sufficient reason for change starting with the way journalists are taught. The minds molded in the classrooms of universities across the United States can bring to a close many of the ethical problems in the news. Reporting and writing can be changed by the teaching of solutions journalism. Another important topic for mass media professors is teaching media literacy: critical process, to enhance writers as much as readers’ critical thinking skills to interpret articles reported. Furthermore, another solution is to decipher a new approach to implore current news outlets to refrain from inspiring nonobjective reporting habits. Although there are various difficulties in journalism, the most prominent challenge to modern journalists is unethical objectiveness, and the solution to correct this is by renewing the way journalism students are taught in college. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an objective writer or reporter in the media. From newspaper columnists to local and national broadcast stations the press …show more content…
It is also believed that the bias in reporting style is deeply connected to the way a writer is raised and that writer are better off revealing their unethical behavior rather than hide it. “Objectivity has long been contentious in American journalism. Many practitioners call it essential to a news organization’s credibility. Critics, however, hold objectivity is impossible and urge reporters simply to reveal their biases,” (Weber 2016). Although everyone is truly a critic in their own right, the common reader has begun to rationalize seeking highly filtered news to support their own views because of the lack of traditional journalism

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